Below are some popular Lego models that don’t fit in a category.

Cup o’ Java Coffee Stand

Cup-o-Java 300

  • Serve up some caffeine for your Lego town population in a stylish coffee mug shaped coffee stand.
  • Features in interior stocked with espresso coffee machine, coffee cups and lids, a ledge for drinks and a room for your barista minifigure.
  • Download Lego Digital Designer file via this link for easy color swapping of parts to suit your liking.
  • The current model in the file linked above is colored in metallic silver and dark green color scheme. However other alternate color combination possibilities are feasible. Check part color options via Bricklink or Rebrickable Lego web sites.
  • Rebrickable page for the Cup o’ Java coffee stand.
  • Download Step-by-step PDF building instructions here
  • Ideal for busy Lego town street corners as shown below.


Jurassic Park Jeep

Jurassic Park Jeep 300Tall

  • Build a classic Jurassic Park Jeep from the 1993 cinematic blockbuster hit Jurassic Park.
  • Vehicle is a modified version of the 2015 Jurassic World video game with modifications that include opening doors and more accurate red striping on the sides, to name a few.
  • Vehicle seats 2 minifigures, 1 in front and 1 in back.
  • Look up parts needed on the Rebrickable webpage
  • Download the updated (version 3.1) Lego Digital Designer file here.
  • Download the older (version 3.0) Lego Digital Designer file here, pictured above.
  • Step-by-step building instructions will be available soon.

Jurassic Park Gate Vignette

Mini Jurassic Park Gate v2 cropped 300Tall

  • Famous scene of the Jurassic Park Gate from the 1993 cinematic blockbuster hit Jurassic Park.
  • Vignette shows two Jurassic Park Ford Explorer vehicles driving down the road towards the Jurassic Park entrance gate.
  • Look up parts needed on the Rebrickable webpage
  • Download the Lego Digital Designer file for instructions.

Jurassic Park Vehicles

Jurassic Park Vehicles Coming Soon 640Wide

  • Minifigure scale iconic Jurassic Park vehicles as seen in the original Jurassic Park blockbuster movie.
  • The Park Tour vehicle (Ford Explorer) with it’s distinctive yellow, green and deep red coloration. Includes sky roof, front grille, spot lights, with front and back seats.
  • The Staff vehicle (Jeep Wrangler) in gray with red stripes. Includes front and back seats, open roof, spot lights, functional side doors.
  • Parts list and step-by-step instructions Coming Soon!

Grinch Christmas Tree Ornament

Grinch Head OrnamentV2 cropped 300Tall