Promotional Millennium Falcon Mini

Today I found a teeny-tiny Millennium Falcon at my local Target store. You can get one too, but hurry. The promotion started yesterday and I expect these to disappear from the store shelves in a heart beat. The Falcon is nothing special in contrast to the UCS Millennium Falcon, but the printed tile is a must have for any LEGO Star Wars fans.

SW Mini Bagged

The promotion while supplies last, buyer any LEGO Star Wars toy $24.99 or higher and receive the Millennium Falcon Mini. The promotional set is not at the check stands, so you have to grab them before you head to check out. Chances are, they may be sold out as their quantities are limited, and rain checks are excluded.

SW Mini Inside Bag

The packaging is nonstandard. The outside bag is not printed, and the graphics are from the instructions insert themselves. In between the instructions insert, there is a sealed bag of parts to build the 20 piece Millennium Falcon. The set contains 4 extra tiny parts (1 cheese slope, 2 round tiles, 1 round stud).

SW Mini Instructions Side 1

SW Mini Instructions Side 2

Click here for a higher resolution image of the building instructions.

The built model displays the Millennium Falcon in a flight position suspended over a nicely quality printed tile. The set makes for a nice display set for any fan’s desk at home or work.

SW Mini Built Model

If you are looking for this promotional set at your local Target, may the force be with you.


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