Grand Classic Yellow Castle

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Have you ever fantasized of being a 2 inch tall Lego minifigure when you were a child playing with Lego? I am sure I am not the only one who dreamt of being immersed in my Lego towns, space stations or castles. Well, perhaps your dream may come true if you are nearby Ohio. Paul Janssen has posted a time lapse build of a 12:1 upscaled build of the Classic Yellow Castle set 375. This is an iconic Lego Castle that Lego designed in 1978, which is also the year Lego introduced the world to the minifigure that is just as popular as the bricks themselves. This grand creation topping at 1875 pounds is on display at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland Ohio until Labor day 2017.

Star Wars Week Exhaustion

Star Wars

It can be overwhelming keeping up with all Star Wars stuff lately, from Star Wars May the 4th Be With You media and sales events, to Star Wars Celebration and Star Wars The Last Jedi news.

It’s great being a Star Wars fan since 2015 when episode VII The Force Awakens was released. So if you are a bit exhausted, here is a little desktop sized diorama I built to show how a Star Wars fan can feel exhausted from their head constantly spinning with daily Star Wars information. Feel free to build your own 3 inch tall Tiny AT-AT, or even a Hoth-full of them. Building instructions can be found here.

Tiny AT-AT fallen 800

A New Hope Trio

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The 2016 was a very sad year for all Star Wars fans, with the the unexpected passing of actress Carrie Fisher (princess Leia) and earlier in the year with the passing of Kenny Baker, who maneuvered the R2-D2 in the original Star Wars trilogy series. To remember these fine and brave actors, last month I have built Lego brick built desktop sized posable figure models of Princess Leia in her white dress and R2-D2. Although Anthony Daniels, actor of C-3PO, is still alive and among us, I felt a golden C-3PO would be nice to complete the trio of rebels that started this epic Star Wars saga.

As of now, instructions for each character can be found in the Star Wars section of my custom building instructions. They are fun to display together in various poses.


Brick Vault YouTube Studio Visit

Star Wars

Few days ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Brick Vault YouTube channel studio and I brought my latest Star Wars MOCs for an episode featurette.

I hung out with Jack and Mike who are ever so busy producing great Lego content each and every day. Charlie was not there during my visit, but I am sure I’ll see him at my next visit.

For the Youtube episode, I brought my mini Princess Leia, R2-D2 and R5-D4 atromech droids along with a brickbuilt Tantine IV Leia scene, to complement my larger droids (BB-8, UCS R2-D2 and a modified UCS R5-D4).